Here I Am, Lord

I am fresh from the annual gathering of Southeastern Yearly Meeting, held in Leesburg, Florida. My heart is full, my spirit is open, and my head is full of ideas and reactions to the five days I spent there. A good time, I think, to start a Quaker blog.

I frequently hold back from writing in any public way about my experience as a Friend. God's language, so often, is best spoken in silence. I worry that my words will dilute rather than lift up. I worry that I will not be faithful to God's vision.

But I cannot be passively faithful. God's work almost always requires action, large or small, and often that action is hard for us. Speaking God's truth requires putting aside my own, listening faithfully, and carrying out God's will in the spirit of humility that allows us to transcend our selves.

Here I am, Lord, ready to speak what I am given.

Here I am, Lord, creating one more discipline with which to hold you in my heart.

Here I am, Lord, joining my voice in this new dimension of the Quaker conversation.


Blogger Liz Opp said...

Woo-hoo, Kody!

My heart is so full with joy, reading your words here and eager to welcome you to this very weird frontier of Quaker conversation.

As you say: Let us all be ready to speak what we are given.

Also: Let us all be ready to listen for the Truth in what others are given to speak.

Liz, The Good Raised Up

P.S. Glad to hear that you were nourished at Southeastern YM, too.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Rex said...

Welcome to the growing Quaker (et al) conversation. The more (even-)wavering glimpses we can get of the Unwavering Light, the less wavering it will appear to be! But I, for one, choose to question even my own questions on my quest for peace&justice! Speaking what seems to us to be Truth is always worth the risk. How else can we profit from others' unique experiences of the Light? Trying to put the conclusions we reach from those experiences into words is always a tricky business, but if we toss our words into a healthy Quaker threshing machine, a much steadier light should emerge!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Hey Kody!

Welcome to the world of blogging. :-) I will see you in June!



7:56 AM  

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